Clements Cleaning services is an organization engaged in offering premium quality cleaning and waste management services for estate communities in Tanzania.

The organization is focused on offering high quality services through well thought procedures, high quality products and equipment. Professional janitorial trainings have and are continuously being provided to its members of staff who are joyful to serve their clientele efficiently while maintaining consistency.


Committed to enhancing livelihoods and environment conservation through high quality cleaning and sustainable waste management solutions.


To be the leading integrated hygiene and waste management service provider in Africa.




Reliability and Consistency

We ensure that what we promise is systematically delivered without unnecessary follow up from the client’s end and inconvenience to your estate operations.

Client Centered Focus

Our services are centred around customer needs and an on-site head cleaner and an off-site client relationship manager are available to meet your needs regarding hygiene and waste management.


We do not allow untrained employees to work on our client sites all our employees are trained guaranteeing high level hygiene and waste management solutions.

Basic Landscaping Maintenance

  • Maintaining grass lawns, trees and flowers trimmed.
  • Watering grass using water sprinklers
  • Transplanting of grass where there is no grass.
  • Spraying pesticides on plant

Garbage Collection Maintenance

  • Twice weekly collection of garbage
  • Provision of 9 garbage bags monthly.
  • Daily cleaning of garbage area collection point.
  • Distribution of garbage bags to houses in the first week of the month by the 6th of every month.
  • Record distribution of garbage bags to ensure each home owner receives garbage bags.
  • Signing of pickup of waste forms to be signed by driver and estate manager.

Estate Cleaning Maintenance

  • Daily cleaning of all floor surfaces (tiles and terrazzo) by 1p.m. Work shifts starts at 6:30 a.m to 4p.m.
  • Weekly cleaning of all doors, pipes, gates, handrails, ventilation area surfaces, outside o of apartment toilet windows
  • Cleaning of all wall surfaces, external walls and internal walls. Removing of wall drawings by children.
  • Collection of trash inside flower areas of apartments
  • Sweeping of cabro tiles
  • Cleaning of all manhole and drainage facilities.
  • Cleaning of slabs around apartment areas
  • Cleaning of all common areas and shopping centre, if present.
  • Sweeping of entrance road to client site.
  • Stain removal of stains on tiles and terrazzo floors.

Our clients include:

Property / Real estate management firms
Non governmental organizations
Church organizations
Government ministries
Financial institutions
Private companies & individuals